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Do you love Simple Elegant Solutions?

I do. Take the GNC protein tubs and scoops featured in the blog picture. Before you had to dig around in your powder to find the scoop (which had a habit of hiding). Customers (including me) were clearly frustrated leading the GNC team to a simple solution – a scoop that is captured in the rim and secured by the lid when it is closed – Brilliant!

In a similar fashion, when developing the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) Gino Wickman worked tirelessly to refine and simplify, creating a Complete Proven System of Simple Practical Tools to help Entrepreneurial leaders get more of what they want from their companies.

In the EOS Toolbox™, 5-5-5™ is a great example of Gino’s obsession to simplify. It allows for a clear quarterly conversation between an employee and their manager, making sure they are both on the same page, and moving with Traction towards the Vision of the organization. Contrast this with most organizations where reviews are only annual (if at all) and the manager and employee alike dread the event. In my experience both struggle to prepare, articulate their thoughts and concerns, and as a consequence fail to have any kind of meaningful purpose-driven conversation. 5-5-5™ addresses this with simplicity, and purpose.

It works like this. Each quarter the employee and their manager schedule an hour to talk, preferably offsite, away from the office, perhaps in a coffee shop. They then simply discuss openly what’s working and what’s not working around their shared expectations of CORE VALUES (5), SEAT ROLES (5) and QUARTERLY ROCKS (5). Of course, there may not be exactly five of each and that’s okay. 5-5-5™ just makes it sticky so you both clearly know what you will be doing.

5-5-5™ Simple Elegance! Don’t you just love it!

Written by Richard Price on January 27, 2020

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