2Elate™ and EOS® is for every small to mid-sized company, especially those who are interested in achieving more with less effort, and moving out of frustration. With that said, we are best suited for entrepreneurial leadership teams who want to:

  • Build amazingly successful companies that attract and retain great people, customers, investors and have a real sense of community
  • Be disciplined and transparent; building a business that thrives through consistent use of proven processes. A business that will endure long after their stewardship is complete
  • Surround themselves with highly talented individuals, exceptional at their job, who espouse your companies ethos
  • Grow their businesses at double digit rates

We are real entrepreneurs, not lifelong consultants. We have walked in your shoes, hired, fired, led with passion and made the coffee. We’ve created Vision, made payroll, been the first one in and the last one to turn the lights out at night. Having hired hundreds of people in our career we know the leadership team is critical, but real results are only achieved when the business is holistically aligned.

We obsess about EOS and our passion is providing you with these tools and techniques to get everything you want from your business. We want you to permanently take your organization from Frustration 2 Elation™.

The quick answer is you can! EOS is ‘simple’, but ‘simple’ does not mean ‘easy’. All of the tools are available online and some companies do self-implement. The tools are simple and practical, however change is hard and outside perspective, energy and discipline will ensure your success. Clients who use 2Elate™ find benefit in:

  • Receiving a more objective view of issues and situations
  • Countering a natural tendency to avoid conflict, procrastinate and/or avoid making tough decisions
  • Keeping your leadership teams on track and focused
  • Balancing power on your leadership teams, especially navigating the difficult space between owners and non-owners
  • Being held more accountable because there is an outside element to the leadership team

EOS Implementers are passionate about helping you get what you want from your business by strengthening ‘The Six Key Components™’. We do this by

  • Clarifying and simplifying your vision and implementing the tools you need to achieve it
  • Coaching EOS purity and accountability helping your leadership team become its best
  • Facilitating clarity, alignment and resolution
  • Teaching every tool in the EOS Toolbox™
  • Solving the tough issues for the long-term greater good of your company
  • Ensuring you achieve mastery quickly as opposed to sub-par incomplete utilization

Like anything new we learn, at first it will feel like EOS has added things for you and your team to do. What you will find though is that we are teaching you to become significantly more intentional with your time. EOS is a world-class time management tool, and you will soon realize you and your team are getting much more done, and with a lot more focus!

Weekly you can expect to devote 90 minutes with your team to EOS; reviewing your numbers, priorities, making sure your customers and staff are happy and most importantly solving issues. This time will typically replace what was likely an, inefficient, unproductive weekly leadership meeting you already had on your calendar.

Quarterly we meet for a full-day, eight hour session with your full leadership team and two days annually. These are laser focused where we work on reviewing results, aligning your vision, setting new goals and solving issues. These quarterly full day meetings allow us to work on your business so that you can return fully aligned and focused to work in your business for the next 90 days.

Almost immediately you will see results after starting to implement EOS. After our first full day together you will begin using the foundational tools you have learned. We will continue to build on and hone these tools over the first 60 days that we work together. In less than one quarter you will have the following five EOS tools/disciplines crystalized, in place and in use in your company:

  • Vision/Traction Organizer™ – your vision shared by your leadership team with you all 100% on the same page
  • The Accountability Chart – you will have your entire organizations roles and responsibilities mapped out with all people issues clearly identified
  • Rocks – will be in place for the leadership team and will be ready to be rolled out to the entire organization, driving more focus on the most important things in the business
  • The Level 10 Meeting™ – will be making a big impact on the leadership team and the accountability within the organization.  Your meetings will be more purposeful, you’ll be solving issues and communication will have increased
  • The Scorecard – you’ll be running your business on the 5-15 numbers that drive your future P&L, and have a true pulse on your business

We are confident you are not getting the maximum benefit that you could. Each tool adds value in itself, but also plays an integral role to the broader system. Long-term sustainable results depend on all of the pieces fitting together, the interdependency and synergy of the holistic system.

Peace of mind comes from instilling the complete system knowing that everyone is aligned on your companies vision, working together in a culture and atmosphere of accountability and discipline and functioning as a healthy team. Integrating one or two elements of the Entrepreneurial Operating System does not achieve that peace of mind.

No. EOS® is about execution and implementation of strategy, not strategic planning per se. Its fantastic that you have already done that work. EOS will take that investment you have already made and ensure it doesn’t sit on a shelf gathering dust by bringing it down to the ground and executing against it. What we call, Traction®.

On average it takes our clients between 18 to 27 months to master the EOS tools. The goal of our EOS engagement is to get you and your team over 80% strong in all six key components of the EOS model and then get out of the way!

With that said, many clients value the coaching and objectivity we bring to the leadership team and find real value continuing to meet with us for a day quarterly. And remember there is never any obligation ever! Every session is guaranteed, so if at any time you feel that you have not received value you are not obligated in any way to pay.

Its great that you are in a peer group. Peer groups are amazing, and during our work if you are not in one, we often recommend you explore joining one. However, peer groups are very different to implementing EOS in your business. EOS has been designed specifically for you and your leadership team to get on the same page, be accountable and execute. Peer groups are great to challenge your thinking, strategies and business models. EOS is about executing on these.